Your Marketing: When to Take Action and When to Rest

by Tea Silvestre
Know When to Take Action and JumpSorry, Pumpkin. Slow Marketing doesn’t mean s-l-o-o-o-w marketing. You’ll still have to take action on a regular and consistent basis if you want to see results.

You’ll still want to push yourself — even if it’s just a teeny bit every week.

You’ll still want to do the work. Even if it’s hard.

I know what you’re thinking: But I thought Slow Marketing was about embracing my personal path. My own right timing. I thought that meant I could relax and stop pushing myself. 

I can see how you might come to that conclusion. Slow means slow, right?

Um, it does and it doesn’t.

For our purposes, Slow means…

Being intentional. Taking a bit more time to focus on the details of what you’re doing and why. And staying present with the process of reaching your goals.

Relishing relationships, not numbers. Spending time getting to know your customers and your target market. Seeing each person on your email list as a 3-dimensional individual with needs and desires of their own. Honoring the humanity in all those who cross your path (and not just counting fans or followers).

Infusing our communications and messages with what’s real. Understanding that our emails and social media updates and blog posts are all attempts to connect with someone and start a conversation. And that we don’t need to rely on formulas or templates to get our point across.

Creating honest offers and avoiding manipulative sales tactics. Sure, you know how to use NLP and other psychological tricks. But you don’t need to base your whole marketing strategy on them. People who need what you have to give will respond if you share the value and show them how to take action.

Letting go of false comparisons with your peers and colleagues. Setting your own goals and using the success of others as inspiration. Letting the competition do it’s own thing without drowning in feelings of inadequacy or despair. Celebrating where you are now and looking forward to the journey ahead.

And it means Taking adequate time to rest. Looking for, and joining, the natural flow of our own lives and those of our communities. Creating enough white space in our marketing calendars so that we incubate new ideas properly. Honoring holidays and unplugging from the Interwebz so we don’t lose touch with the real world.

See? “Slow Marketing” is full of meaning. Thankfully, it’s meaning we can all embrace.

So, if you find yourself stuck and not making the progress you’d hoped for, take some time NOW to honestly assess what you’ve done over the last couple of months. Have you taken regular steps every day toward your goals? (Have you even set specific measurable goals?)

If not, it’s time to commit to taking action. Even if that means one baby step every morning. If it’s a stretch for you to do that, then that’s okay. Just stretch!

What action are you committed to taking? Is there another piece of the “meaning” that we missed? Share with us in a comment below.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc