Who We Are

The following folks came together and helped make this nascent organization a reality:

Tea Silvestre, aka The Word Chef

Racheal Cook, The Yogipreneur

Would you like to join us and take a leadership position in this movement? Fabulous! Leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • http://pajamaproductivity.com Annie Sisk

    OH HELL YES. (I promise to keep the cursing and the caps to a minimum. But every good meal needs a little salt, right?)

    • http://www.anencouragingbird.com BirdyD – Roving Robin Reporter

      Yay for salt!!! :-) :>

      Food & life are both so bland without it. :-) :>

  • http://www.anencouragingbird.com BirdyD – Roving Robin Reporter

    Not sure what I can do, but what I can, I will. :>

    No chirping & feather+seed-throwing without being willing to be a part of the solution too, neh? :-D :>

    While my business isn’t in marketing, per se, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the change I’d love to see in the world, especially the business world. :>

    So let us chat as we mutually have the mo’, and we shall see! :>

  • http://twitter.com/Coach_Jackie CoachJackie

    I am a Goals Coach and I am currently working hard at developing my brand and marketing my services, and I am doing it in the same way that I tell my clients to do it… one small step at a time. Goal setting is about slowing down.

    • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Welcome Jackie! Glad to have you here. Will reach out via email shortly.

  • http://www.byjanet.net/purple Purple Panda

    wow, can I?? I only just found you today but already see “this is ME!” No worries if you don’t pick me. I’ll find a way to guest post but if there’s anything more I could do, I’m all ears. I can even contribute my graphic/web design skills to “make pixels look pretty”. I’m definitely a slow marketer (and still reconciling with the word honestly) in the trenches (sometimes literally, I live in the slums) and it really fits my personality as a quiet introvert too.

    • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Fabulous, Janet! I’ll send you an email so we can chat about how that might work.

  • MamaRed

    Hum…interesting concept for sure! Would love to learn more, especially as I’m working on a series of calls called “Techie Stuff for Tech Virgins” and one of the things I says is ‘quit listening to the MAKE MONEY NOW WITH 2 MINUTES A DAY’ type stuff. Then they sign up and there are a thousand “little” skills and tools they need to learn. Then they give up (been there, done that and am a geekette with a long history of teaching others how to use techie stuff one step at a time). So, let me know.

    And @anniesisk:disqus … I’m right there widya. My mom claims I must have been born on a dock (grin). So here’s to salt, and some hot sauce and…

  • http://www.IAmNickArmstrong.com/ Nick Armstrong

    Consider me in :-)

  • http://twitter.com/CarolLynnRivera Carol Lynn Rivera

    Late to the party (hey, I’m just goin’ slow!) but I would love to be involved in this too. I’m pretty tired of marketing throwing everyone into panic mode.

  • Erica

    I would love to join. I had a stroke in June 2011 that turned my life upside down, needless to say. It made me look at life with a completely different perspective. I was working 80 hours a week, 40 on my corporate management job and 40 on my healing arts business. After my stroke, I went from racing on the treadmill of life to moving at a snail’s pace. I’m currently writing a book entitled Healing Oneself, Helping to Heal Others One by One, One Stroke Victim’s Story of Survival and Beyond that I hope will inspire others who are facing their own life crisis.

  • Susan


    I started a blog a couple of months ago called http/:www.theloveexperiment.co.uk and have been somewhat overwhelmed by all the marketing strategies out there. Just like my experiment, which involves slowing down and enquiring deeply into what treating self and others with love really looks like, I intuitively know that the way to develop my blog into a business is slowly and mindfully.
    So , I resonate deeply with your mission here. Would love to be involved and contribute whatever I can.


  • http://www.facebook.com/suz.strasburger Suz Strasburger

    Thank you Tea and Racheal! Glad to be among you, sharing in what feels like a delicious and sometimes daunting paradox: The practices we live by and share with others – Presence, Living with Complexity and Compassion – aren’t easily translated into marketing “best practices.” Yet, like CoachJackie below, we can take incremental steps based on our “inner authority” in the midst of all the external-authorities telling us how to “Work Hard”….

  • Rashida B.

    So this is what we get when a Yogi and a Word Chef come together. I love it!

  • Peter Mills

    I am an internet marketer and the more i explore the state of things, the more it becomes obvious to me that relevancy comes from authenticity, not the push push push that is standard to the profession. To me, the reason to be slow is to shine in the clutter. I like what I’m seeing here and plan to be a part of the discussion.

    • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Welcome, Peter! The more, the merrier. We’re working at this slowly but surely.