Slow Marketing is Spiritual Marketing

This is a guest post by Susan Living

Three years ago when my business “failed” I was in a very dark place. I was hard, shut down, cynical, obsessed with my work, constantly comparing myself with others and coming up lacking. I was neglecting my man, neglecting my body and neglecting my Self in almost every possible way. No time to honour the unseen, no sense of reverence for the mystery and magic of life and no connection with what was natural and authentic to me. Every day was filled with trying and effort to be something I was not, to be successful, to BE something.

I had fallen into the biggest trap there is for conscious, heart-based entrepreneurs: forgetting what life is really about.

The reality is sometimes, no matter how badly we want something, it just doesn’t happen. This is the hard stuff. The stuff rarely spoken of in public. The stuff we wouldn’t tell our children. Right before I made the agonising decision to leave my business, a spiritual healer told me that it “wasn’t the right time for me…” I could continue working 60 hour weeks and it still wouldn’t be the right time for me. It rang true. My heart broke. I laid down my soul and surrendered my ego completely to something far, far bigger than myself.

Thus began an intense period of grieving and inward journeying to rediscover my unique creative expression, my truth and my ability to love myself. Thus began a lifetime’s enquiry into how heart-based, conscious, spiritual and authentic business practices can change the world…

Slow marketing is one of those practices. It invites us into connection with Spirit, the bigger picture that powers the entire universe — the Great Mystery itself…

In business, this challenges us on the deepest level to breathe, take action, let go and breathe again. It asks nothing less of us than complete surrender, a release of tight-fisted control over the outcomes of our action. It asks humility of us and to trust the divine timing that right now is impacting our choices, our relationships, our business, our customers and every situation we find ourselves in.

This path is not for everyone. In fact there’s a whole world of big business and multi-national corporations out there based on ignorance, self-sacrifice, hard work and retirement dreams. It may even be working for them (I’m not so sure Mother Earth, divorce rates, developing nations and our ozone layer would agree though)…

Some high-achieving folk actually thrive on being pushed and an internal sense of pressure. For many, deadlines and other’s expectations are the only things that ever spurn them into action… And YES, some of us are here to leave a massive legacy, an international movement, something REALLY BIG and lasting that will serve the planet for generations to come…

For those mentioned above, slow marketing may not be the most fulfilling and rewarding path to business salvation and success.

For others though, heart-based businesses, yoga teachers, healers and lightworkers, pressure does not serve – it contracts. The focus on linear cause and effect, personal effort, striving and one dimensional achievement leaves us feeling empty, dissatisfied and depressed. We’ve seen through it.

Instead, we trust in the cumulative effects of our efforts and the divine timing that flows through us. We believe in the Law of Attraction. We work firstly on ourselves so our external reality is reflected from an unhindered space. We live in expanded beingness and the eternal nature of who we really are. We have smaller dreams that are no less bright and worthy for their size. We simply want to be good people, enjoy our work, support our local community and make enough money doing what we love in the world.

To support us in abundance, embodying slow, spiritual marketing is about asking ourselves the really BIG questions; who am I, what really matters to me in my life, what is my purpose here and what would it take for me to die happy, knowing I gave it my best shot while I was here?

When we meditate on the big questions, we find the answers are often profoundly simple and universal in their application. Below are my answers (please note, these may evolve and develop over time but I highly doubt they will journey far from the central themes given):

Who am I?

I am love. Love is who I am. All that is not love is not really me.

What really matters to me in my life?

Relationships. Conscious community. Love. The love that I’ve given and received in the world.

What is my purpose here?

To experience love and this present moment as completely as I can.

What would it take for me to die happy, knowing I gave it my best shot while I was here?

Knowing I have given love and made some small difference in the life of another human being. Knowing that love is the only thing I will leave behind me when I die.

Without an awareness of spiritual marketing and the principles of slow marketing, our business runs us rather than the other way around. We lose sight of knowing we are free to create every aspect our business to serve both us and the world.

Are we choosing to be at peace, easy with the gentle unfolding of our marketing or do we seek success so badly we forget what really matters in life, becoming slaves to our work, victims of our own busyness?

Slow marketing attunes us to divine consciousness, the perfection of what is — a flower opening in timing aligned with the rhythm of creation. Slow marketing attunes us to the natural flow of energy moving through us and our business, trusting that opening and blossoming will occur in it’s own time — while we take inspired action every day.

How would you live your life from this place? What if your answers to the questions above informed every act you made in your business, every phone call, conversation or money exchange? How would it feel to use your business and marketing as a reminder of what you’re really here for?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Antar Atma | Dreamstime

Susan Living is a devoted yogini, writer, living room dancer & ukulele playing cat-lover. Business From The Heart supports yoga teachers & healers to create abundance doing what they love in the world with authentic marketing & websites of beauty & grace. Susan lives in the lush hinterland of eastern Australia with her man & rather fluffy Himalayan Persian cat. Read more about her story here



  • Charles

    The fear that comes up for me running my business from this place and living from here is that I would confuse slow marketing with procrastination. However when I check into my heart I find authenticity unfolding in the way I choose to run my business and trust that the fruit will ripen in perfect time (always seems too). Thanks I found this article really affirming.

    • Susan Living

      Hi Charles, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      Yes indeed – a fine line between procrastination and surrender and only the heart knows the difference between the two…

  • Erica

    Fabulous article Susan. I had a stroke in June 2011, which completely changed my perspective in life. I was working 80 hours a week before my illness. Needless to say I have slowed down to a snail’s pace. I have the time to be introspective and prepare for my new life, which will be slower paced and based on heart-consciousness, not ego-consciousness. I am writing a book on healing that I hope will others who have faced life-altering circumstances. One of the chapters is on what’s important in life?

    • Susan Living

      Hi Erica – so glad you enjoyed it!

      Your book sounds wonderful – what a huge journey you’ve been on. And snails leave behind such radiant and magical paths to follow…

      • Erica

        That’s a nice way to look at at. :-)

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