• http://www.facebook.com/LynnSerafinn Lynn Serafinn

    Love this one. Design is bold and striking and LOOKS like a logo. Besides, square logos are soooo useful. T-shirt, mugs, web badges, profile pics, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/MagnoliasWest Sue Kearney

    Tea, I like this one a lot. Only suggestion: deepen the green tones a bit if you can. Go for more jewel-tone, less tropical. Otherwise, spot on!

  • http://www.anencouragingbird.com BirdyD – Roving Robin Reporter

    I love this one. The teal is the awesome blending of Blue & Green together, so you get both Serenity & Growth in the same space.

    The turtle’s shell being brown is a reflection of the Earth within the Circle of the Wider World, complete with Spirals to remind us of the Dance we all participate in when we choose to come here.

    There is dynamism in the turtle’s movement, but there is a sense of stability-without-being-frozen in the font.

    There is a balance of heavy and light elements – in the circle, in the two fonts, which I really like.

    And I agree with Lynn – this logo looks like a logo and I would adore having it on P.O.D. pieces such as totes, mugs, etc. :-) :>

    So, yes, this is the one to get my vote! :-) :>